Dentures, Crows & Dental Bridges

Prosthodontics by Expert Honolulu Dentist

Dentures done on Oahu

Dr. Kawasaki is well known for his work designing and creating dentures, dental bridges, crowns and other dental prosthetics.

He takes the extra time to make sure you get the very best fit possible, so you can forget you even have it in. Your comfort is everything.

You’ll walk out of our office with something that looks natural and feels like it, too.

Why You Can Be Confident in Dr. Kawasaki

Dr. Kawasaki gives special attention to details that maximize your gum health, chewing efficiency and comfort as well as ease of cleaning. He knows the success of his treatment is measured best by your daily experience with his dental work, long after you leave his office. That’s why he puts in the added time and thought into making certain everything is done right.

With 3 decades of experience in not only general dentistry, but prosthodontics specifically, he brings to you and your oral health a hands-on knowledge that few others can match on Oahu.

He went beyond the basic dental school training to earn a Masters of Science in Dentistry (MSD) in order to learn these skills and has applied them from his first day of practice.

What’s the Process for Seeing Dr. Kawasaki About This?

The first step is to come in to the office and meet with Dr. Kawasaki. He’ll make an examination and assessment then and give you the options.

If you go forward, he custom designs the dentures or bridge that fit you specifically. Similar to a tailor creating a bespoke suit that follows your personal contours and shape.

Learn What an Experienced Dentist Can Do For You

If you’re considering dentures or another dental prosthetic, Contact Us for a consultation and find out what your options are. You’ll get the straight story from Dr. Kawasaki.